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163 Eric Byrnes
174 Ryan Garko
216 Nick Blackburn RC
162 Rocco Baldelli
27 Matt Garza
BP41 Eli Tintor
BP44 Alex Cobb
BCP103 Greg Dowling
BCP71 Brad Miller
BP21 (Gold) Chance Chapman

Once again, I appreciate the simplicity of Bowman’s design. I also appreciate the borders, which is why I’ve never really liked many cards featuring Upper Deck’s full-bleed photography. The black borders will eventually be a pain for anyone looking to have these cards graded, but with the base veterans/rookies checklist being as weak as it is, I doubt many of them will be heading to BGS. And just like last year’s Bowman set, most of the “prospects” in this set aren’t really scintillating. There are lots of big-name autos in this set such as Matt LaPorta and so on, but you won’t find anything of the sort in a Wal-Mart bought pack. I was really hoping for a Hiroki Kuroda RC, but alas, no such luck.

It fills my need to bust wax, but it’s not a set I’ll be working on. Bowman doesn’t really pique my interest much until December brings Draft Picks & Prospects.


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