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I can’t say enough how excited I am about Topps releasing a Heritage update set. What I’m not so excited about is the inclusion of two Update & Highlights cards in every eight-card pack. With 24 packs of eight cards in each hobby box, that means I’m getting 48 U & H cards I don’t want. Add to that the six inserts, two chromes, and one-per-box AU/GU, I’m only getting 135 base cards per hobby box. And of course, that assumes no doubles come from the box.

I had very good luck with my two Allen & Ginter hobby boxes, as they yielded just four base doubles and two SP doubles. I can’t remember that far back to my Heritage box, but I know for sure I didn’t do that well. Getting only a maximum of 135 (out of 220) base per hobby box guarantees I’m going to have to either buy two hobby boxes, or supplement it with a blaster — although as this post at Hand Collated confirms, blasters aren’t really that smart of a purchase. Not only do you get just six cards per pack in the retail blasters, you also get what I contend is worse collation in the blasters.

So I’m stuck buying two boxes at $60 or so, and it’ll leave me with possibly 30% (96 of 330) of the U & H set. I love Topps cards, but this is so blatantly a buy more product scheme. What it’ll do is force me to choose Heritage over the return of Stadium Club, with both their street dates near the same time.


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