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This is from ESPN’s Jayson Stark:

Life sure is beautiful these days on Planet Manny. Uhhh, a little too beautiful.

Hey, we couldn’t be happier for those Los Angeles Dodgers, who are selling about 30,000 tickets a day now that they’ve moved their home games to Planet Manny. But we’d like to ask one little question of all those people in L.A. who are showering their man Manny Ramirez with so much love:

What the heck are you cheering for?

For a man who decided his personal net worth was more important than an entire franchise and all the people who played with him, covered for him, depended on him? Sheez. How sad is that?

“It really bothers me,” one GM said this week of the Manny-mania lovefest that has unfolded in L.A. “What he did in Boston was criminal. Now he goes there, and everything’s OK? No, sir. It doesn’t change the fact that how he got there was criminal.”

If I’m understanding this correctly, Dodger fans should feel bad that Manny is OPSing 1.430 since he arrived in L.A.? Dodger fans should feel bad that all of a sudden a 6-1 deficit to the NL East-leading Phillies turned into a 7-6 win? Dodger fans should feel bad that Manny wanted out of Boston?

Tell you what, Boston. I don’t feel bad for you at all. After all, the Red Sox and Scott Boras helped J.D. Drew finagle his way out of the option portion of his contract with L.A. And now I’m supposed to sympathize with Boston? Why? It’s not like Boston had to rid themselves of Manny. The guy only had a 1.030 July OPS (4 HR/16 RBI), so contrary to popular belief, Manny wasn’t dogging it in order to “force” a trade.

Theo Epstein and company evidently decided that Manny’s obvious production wasn’t worth the bother. That’s their loss, and the Dodgers’ gain. Nothing against Jason Bay, but really, Manny’s a first-ballot HOFer, and Jason Bay, is well, doing a good job of upholding that fine Canadian baseball tradition. If you follow Stark’s logic, Rangers fans ought not to cheer for Milton Bradley, considering how he “forced” his way out of L.A.

If anything, articles such as this one reek of sour grapes. Boston inexplicably trades away one of the best RH hitters of this generation, and now we ought to feel bad for them? Should we be rewarding incompetence — really, it is — with sympathy? The Red Sox’ loss is the Dodgers’ gain — and Dodger fans don’t need to feel guilty for it. Manny was just being Manny, to borrow a phrase. It wasn’t his fault, or Dodger fans’ fault that Boston thinks Jason Bay is a better asset to hold.

Seriously, Jayson Stark. We’re supposed to feel bad about this?

I don’t!


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  1. You said it perfectly! Look what A-Rod and Boras did to the Yankees this off-season…opting out of his contract just so he could get a few million more. And announcing it during the World Series! If anything reeks of selfishness, it’s that!

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