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Just received my end of a trade with Ryan Cracknell of Trader Crack’s Card Blog, facilitated through one of my favorite sites, The Bench.

I picked up an 02 Fleer eX Game Essentials Kevin Brown GU jersey. I’d been trying to find a decent Brown GU with him in a Dodger uni for some time, and this fits the bill.

The remaining cards were 04 Topps Cracker Jack mini stickers.

121 M. Mora, 129  V. Padilla, 148 M.  Buehrle, 151 K.  Millar, 170 C. Blake, 171 J. Gerut, 180 B. Jenks, 183 S. Hill, 188 N. Cotts, 190 R. Reyes, 191 E. Duncan, 193 K. Greene (SP), 194 B. Crosby, 202 P. Ansman, 203 T. Blackley, 205 R. Choy Foo, 210 R. Guillen (SP), 219 J. Conine, 225 AJ Burnett

I sent away these cards:

2004 Topps Cracker Jack 140B Curt Schilling Sox SP
2008 Upper Deck 173 Chris Ray
2006 Topps Update 62 Cory Sullivan
2006 Topps 52 30 Russell Martin
2006 Topps 52 Dynamic Duos DD13 A.Ethier/R.Martin
2007 Topps Heritage 52a Jason Bay
2007 Topps Heritage 111 Jeff Francis
2008 Topps Heritage 199 Russell Martin
2008 Topps Heritage 277 Mark Teahen
2008 Topps 190 Russell Martin
2006 Topps 487 Rich Harden
2006 Topps Update 15 Corey Koskie
2005 Playoff Prestige 169 Jeff Francis
2004 Upper Deck Vintage 33 Larry Walker

Thanks Ryan!


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