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07 UD Masterpieces retail pack (2.99, Wal-Mart)

32 Vladimir Guererro
71 Ryan Howard
41 Josh Hamilton
15 Hideki Matsui

After being really reluctant and hesitant to get into these cards when they first came out, I’ve fallen totally in love with them. I love the “canvas” stock, and the painting-style photography. I also love that it’s only a 90-card set, so the hobby box I have headed this way is likely to complete the set for me.

08 Donruss 7-Eleven Madden 09 Promo

5 Adrian Peterson
1 Tony Romo
6 Ben Roethlisberger (x2)
4 LaDainian Tomlinson
10 Matt Hasselbeck
3 Vince Yong
8 Matt Ryan

The nice lady at the 7-Eleven gave me a lot more than my prescribed “one free with the purchase of a Slurpee souvenir cup.” I don’t collect football cards, but I do wish I had asked her to look for UCLA alum Maurice Jones-Drew. If anyone out there wants these cards, let me know!


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