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36 packs, 10 cards per pack
Base set completion: 293 out of 400 (80%)

I’m a little disappointed that I’m still this far from finishing the set, considering how there were 360 cards in this box. Along with the packs of this I’d bought previously, I’m now 77 cards away from completing the 400-card base set. What’s particularly aggravating about this set is that Fleer/UD added a 30-card rookie set (Kemp, Ethier, Papelbon, etc.) in its factory sets, but not in retail or hobby boxes.

Much like the other boxes of 2006 Fleer product I’ve bought, insert cards are seeded at least one per pack, with two in some packs. I suppose I may yet round up the rest of this product that’s left at the store, since it’s on blowout clearance right now.

Fleer Fabrics (advertised insertion rate: 1:36)
Pedro Martinez (Mets card, pictured in Boston jersey)

This is a set-builders product, not a hits-driven one, so no real surprise here with just one jersey card. Overall, not a horrible deal for the price I paid. I would’ve kicked myself had I paid the full orignal MSRP though!


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