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36 packs, 10 cards per pack

Base set completion:
1st box: 293 out of 400 (80%)
2nd box: 53 out of 400 (13%), or 53 out of the remaining 77 (69%)

Talk about terrible collation! With 648 or so (subtracting the approximately 72 inserts), base cards, I’m still at only 376 out of 400 (94%) of the base set. Ultra from the same year yielded much better collation, and with fewer total cards. Fortunately, with just 24 cards to go, the trades can be much smaller and I should be able to finish this set without any further issue. Worse comes to worst, I can always find the stragglers on Sportlots.

Fleer Fabrics (advertised insertion rate: 1:36)
Dontrelle Willis (white swatch with pinstripe)

The included hit in this box was the exclamation point on all of this. Of all the worthless GU cards to pull, none other than the derailed D-Train. I was hoping for a Jeter perhaps, to salvage the cost of spending $17 to acquire 53 base cards.


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