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08 UD X Hobby Pack (3.99) x2
Eight cards per pack

Pack 1:
4 Justin Upton
74 Cole Hamels
25 Jermaine Dye
89 Erik Bedard (die-cut)
X-PM Pedro Martinez Xponential
71 Robinson Cano
33 Travis Hafner
75 Jimmy Rollins

Pack 2:
46 Lance Berkman
53 Matt Kemp
67 Hideki Matsui
88 Felix Hernandez (die-cut)
X4-JR Jose Reyes Xponential x4
SH Steve Holm UDX Signatures AU
85 Aaron Rowand
1 Randy Johnson

Impressions: Wow, what an ugly looking card. These things scream “1998!”  Instead of using actual baseball-related backgrounds, the players have been cut out and transposed on this weird mish-mash of team colors and an X design. The design is way too busy, and looks like it was thrown together hastily.

I don’t know much about this set, but it sure looks like UD is playing the StarQuest game with the Xponential inserts — at least I’m guessing, as the Jose Reyes is an “x4” and the Pedro Martinez has no exponent.

A Matt Kemp card (albeit an ugly one) was the only redeeming factor to these two packs. It’s a shame Topps went with Heritage High Numbers and BDPP as their only late-year sets, as they would easily eclipse UD with even a marginal effort.


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