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This is the guy the beat the Dodgers last night, almost single-    handedly at that? Brett Myers? This guy accounted for five of the Phillies’ eight runs?

DUDE! Chad Billingsley, I know everyone has and off-game from time-to-time, but if you can’t figure out how to pitch to Brett Freakin’ Myers, you deserve to lose. If you had managed to keep Brett Freakin’ Myers off the basepaths, the Dodgers would’ve won 5-3. It wouldn’t have mattered that once again, Citizens Bank Park and its crazy walls robbed the Dodgers of home runs.

If there’s any positive coming from losing these two games, it’s that the Dodgers were never completely out of the games. Losing 3-2 to the opposing team’s ace is hardly a sound defeat, and it’s clear the Dodgers had chances to win even last night.

They get to play in front of their own fans on Sunday and Monday, and hopefully that’ll be the elixir to their malaise thus far.


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