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7 + 1 “bonus pack,” four cards per pack.

Base set completion: 27 of 90 (30%)
Base set completion, to date (2 blasters + 2 hobby packs): 62 of 90 (69%)
Short print set completion: 1 of 30 (3%)
Short print set completion, to date: 2 of 30 (6%)
Total set completion: 28 of 120 (23%)
Total set completion, to date: 70 of 120 (58%)

“Hits” and interesting cards:

Captured on Canvas CC-JB Josh Beckett (Marlins jersey with pinstripe)
Brown framed Joba Chamberlain #’d 67/100
79 Russell Martin — what a beautiful card!
95 Warren Spahn SP
YSL 3840 Roy White
YSL 3865 Thurman Munson

I’m a little closer to finishing the base set now, and now I have some base doubles to trade. The Beckett GU was a nice pull too. Still, the collation leaves a little to be desired — I pulled two of the Ichiro base card among these eight packs.

Assuming the same collation rates, it’ll take me another two blasters to finish the base set, and I’ll still be nowhere near the short print set. I can’t say enough how much I loathe Upper Deck and their awful seeding rate for short prints in the retail boxes. Two blasters and just a measly two SPs.


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  1. Oh, that Russell Martin card will be mine someday. It will be the only reason why I by anything of Masterpieces this year.

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