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Congratulations, I guess, 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

That’s about as much heart as you’re going to get out of me in congratulating the Phillies. I just couldn’t get myself up to root for the NL team, especially when they advanced at the expense of the Dodgers. Plus, with so many Dodger exiles in St. Petersburg, how could I NOT root for the Rays?

Then there’s the whole Philadelphia issue. I’ve always loathed the northeast, and its sports teams. Patriots? I’m a Rams fan. Celtics? Was a Laker fan. Eagles? Can’t stand Donovan McNabb. Yankees? Mets? No further explanation necessary.

Philadelphia, however, has always held a special place in my heart — though not like that. Only in Philadelphia would a stadium need an actual police precinct in it. Only in Philadelphia would they boo Santa Claus. And it’s Phillies fans that continue to boo J.D. Drew over some perceived slight years and years ago.

Then again, I’m a Clipper fan that heartily booed Danny Ferry, but that’s beside the point!

Speaking of the Clippers, and Philadelphia … ELTON BRAND! Though I suppose my anger is probably better directed at Brand the Traitor/Liar/Jerk himself, it was the Sixers that stole him away. In a year that could’ve been awesome — Baron Davis, a healthy Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon, Al Thornton — Brand weaseled his way into Philly and onto the Sixers.

Oh, and how do I feel about the Sixers? As a once-Laker fan turned Clipper fan/Laker hater, I loathe the Sixers so much I jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago not so much to see the Lakers win another title, but more so to see the Sixers get slapped around. And to clarify —  I loathe the Lakers just as much — but I silently cheered for them (to no avail, of course) to beat the Celtics earlier this year. I just can’t cheer for a northeast team!

All this to say, I really am left wanting more. What a lame end to the baseball season. Three innings. Not even a whole game. And then of course the Phillies won. Thank goodness there’s college basketball to fill the gap until pitchers and catchers report again in the spring.


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  1. It actually made me happy the Phils won. I couldn’t root for the Rays. … McNabb was actually a very pleasant fellow when he went to Syracuse. Nothing but cordial and I talked to him several times. But I’m with you on the NYC teams.

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