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08 UD Timeline hobby pack (3,99) x2
Eight cards per pack

7 John Smoltz
21 Tim Lincecum (RC)
48 Ichiro Suzuki
73 Alexei Ramirez (RC)
100 Nick Adenhart (RC)
109 David Murphy
121 Kosuke Fukudome (RC)
170 Ryan Howard
178 Kosuke Fukudome (RC)
193 Jeff Baker
210 Travis Hafner
300 Albert Pujols
303 Evan Longoria (RC)
353 Clint Sammons (RC)
365 Clay Buchholz (RC)
YSL3026 Moose Skowron

Impressions: This could’ve won a vote for coolest product of the year. As far as I’m concerned, you can rarely go wrong when you’re doing retro card designs. UD does a great job tapping into its past, using among others, the 1994 Timeless Teams design.

So where does it go wrong? As usual for UD lately, there’s about a gazillion parallels in this set. Even worse, the same team checklists are used over and over in order to fill out a 385-card set. Not including parallels and autographed versions, the Dodgers in this set include:

23 M Kemp
31 M Ramirez
56 B DeWitt
61 C Hu
64 H Kuroda
98 C Kershaw
103 C Billingsley
156 M Ramirez
173 C Hu
187 C Kershaw
206 R Martin
224 M Ramirez
259 C Hu
260 H Kuroda
261 M Kemp
262 J Loney
304 C Kershaw
306 R Martin
318 C Hu
333 C Kershaw
359 C Wade
368 C Hu
378 R Troncoso

That’s 23 Dodgers, including Chin-Lung Hu five times over. I’m sorry, but I really don’t want five different Chin-Lung Hu cards. Did they forget all about Andre Ethier? Takashi Saito? Chad Billingsley? Sure, the cards are in different “subsets” featuring a different card design. But they, once again, could’ve easily expanded the checklist by using different players. Or better yet, here’s a novel idea — why not make the set smaller?

This could’ve been an awesome idea. And with hobby boxes at around $50 or so, there’s a little bit of appeal in buying a box. Knowing however, that I’m not going to end up anywhere near the full set, kills any motivation to do so.

Even stranger is the short print collation for this set. In each eight-card pack, there are SIX SPs. SIX! There are a ton of official SPs in the set, although the distribution almost makes the base cards SPs by default.

I was pretty excited opening these packs. Learning how crazy-long the checklist is quickly negated that excitement.




  1. I want to like these cards. I understand where your coming from on the checklist.

    I’m not sure if it’s better or worse for me that Upper Deck didn’t like any of the Mets rookies… my team only has players in three of the subsets, but of course they are the same players each time.

  2. Seriously, what’s with all the Hu cards? And it’s not just this set either. Topps and UD obsess on certain players. They must take marketing surveys before they decide who is going to be in the set, and how many times.

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