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The wife and I made a trek up north this weekend. Normally, this would also entail a visit to the two card shops out there. Alas, we went on a Sunday, so both places weren’t open for business. As a consolation prize, we stopped at a market on the way home that always has tons of older wax on clearance.


All of this for just $14 — “all of this” of course, in relation to how much these packs originally cost. That’s two packs of 05 UD MVP, one pack of 05 UD All-Star Classics, one pack of 06 Fleer Greats of the Game, one pack of 05 Topps Gallery, one pack of 05 Donruss, and one pack of 05 Donruss Zenith. Not a whole lot going on in these packs as far as Dodgers — only Eric Gagne showed up. Here are my favorites:


Once again, I prove I’m a sucker for HOFer cards. And finding HOF inserts in packs as cheap as UD MVP is always a bonus. It was also nice to discover Topps Gallery. As a forever fan of Allen & Ginter and Masterpieces, and their painting-style portraits, Gallery is definitely up my alley. It’s too bad I doubt that I’ll ever buy Gallery unless it’s in a bargain bin though. Those are some pretty cards, but that’s also some expensive wax!

I didn’t care much for the Zenith or the MVPs. MVP’s design in 2005 just doesn’t do anything for me. I much prefer the 2000 design, and I have a complete set to prove it. The Zeniths, well, that just screams “crappy-looking overpriced high-end wax.” Ugly, ugly cards. Dayf agrees. And for some reason, the Biggio pictured above is an “Artist’s Proof,” although I’m not really sure if any artistry went into the design of that card.

Pulling a AU/GU out of bargain wax is always a bonus. That didn’t happen, but I did make yet another wonderful discovery. Of all this wax, 2005 UD All-Star Classics really caught my eye. Take the usual stellar UD photography, clean design, add a bunch of HOFers/retired stars, and hook, line, and sinker — I’m sold.


Provided I can find a hobby box somewhere, I’ll probably work on this set next. It sure seems like 2005 was a very good year for Upper Deck, at least in terms of good, small, easy-to-collect sets. Classics, which I broke a box of a few weeks ago, and now All-Star Classics. Even better about All-Star Classics is the lack of stupid short prints. I’m pretty sure a hobby box of 24 packs/8 cards per pack will yield close to two full base sets. In fact, I’d say the only thing wrong about ASC is the fact that Jeff Kent, Edwin Jackson, and Eric Gagne are the only Dodgers represented in this set — not one of their HOFers are included!

Pack Breakdown:

2005 Donruss
73 Chone Figgins
116 Byung-Hyun Kim
140 Todd Walker
195 Juan Pierre
202 Carlos Beltran
335 Albert Pujols
228 Jim Edmonds
356 Francisco Cordero
360 Laynce Nix
DK-17 Derek Jeter Diamond Kings

05 Donruss Zenith
84 Chipper Jones
129 Jack Wilson
191 John Buck
220 J.J. Hardy
116 Craig Biggio Artist’s Proof Gold 16/50

2005 Upper Deck All-Star Classics:
6 Carlos Beltran
10 David Ortiz
15 Gary Sheffield
27 Kerry Wood
52 Alex Rios
66 Johan Santana
77 Bill Mazeroski
94 Ozzie Smith

2005 Upper Deck MVP
1 Adam Dunn
2 Adrian Beltre
26 Eric Gagne
28 Garrett Anderson
32 Hideki Matsui
33 Ichiro
36 Jake Peavy
49 Jose Vidro
54 Khalil Greene
63 Miguel Cabrera
BU-9 Catfish Hunter
BU-32 Ralph Kiner

2005 Topps Gallery
28 Lyle Overbay
119 Raul Ibanez
132 Melvin Mora
149 Randy Johnson
77 Kazuo Matsui Artist’s Proof

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game
7 Bill Madlock
21 Carlton Fisk
60 Lou Piniella
95 Wade Boggs
DET-TC Ty Cobb Tigers Greats


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