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Eight packs per blaster box
Five cards per pack

Base set completion: 66 of 150 (44%)
Parallel set (First Day Edition) completion: 14 of 150 (9%)

Autographed Rookies 160 John Bowker (RC)
Autographed Rookies 165 (redemption) Chris Perez (RC)



Not having been an active collector the first time Stadium Club was around, I can’t speak to its cult-favorite status. That said, these are some beautiful cards. I can easily see why this was such a favorite a decade ago, and why it was such a step up from standard-issue Topps. Compared to the lackluster photography that other Topps issues are rife with, this is a refreshing change. One can only wish Topps’ base set looked this good — then they’d be on par with Upper Deck.

Oddly enough, in a set known for its stellar photography, Topps decided, for whatever reason, to use a photoshopped Manny Ramirez photo for his card.


Manny’s “pictured” in his home whites. Yet, notice the ad behind home plate for “Ninety Nine,” a restaurant chain based in Massachusetts! Notice that isn’t Dodger Stadium! Notice there isn’t an umpire! Notice that the pitcher, Matt Morris, never wore 22 in a game against the Dodgers. He did however, wear it against the Red Sox, at Fenway, in 2007.  Why Topps decided to go this route with Manny’s card is beyond me. It’s not as though they didn’t have enough time to find a picture for him, considering Mark Teixeira and Jason Bay are wearing their proper post-trade colors.

Anyway, it’s also nice to see Topps adding value to their retail product. While the base set still is a long way off from completion, it was nice to get nearly half out of just two blasters. It was even nicer to get an auto and a redemption, as well as three (Mantle, Ryan, Clemente) of the 10 HOFers in this set.

My initial plan was to get a hold of a retail box (24 packs/5 cards per pack/1 auto), but after buying a 3rd blaster, I came out on top. A retail box would’ve cost approximately $70, plus shipping. Three blasters produced the same number of packs, presumably the same amount of base, as well as two autographs. So for the set-builders, retail is clearly the better way to go.

Although it was a disappointment to see Topps drop the 1952 Rookies set, I can appreciate those same players ending up in this set instead.

One last thing — what is it with me and my “hits” lately? You’d think I was a Giants fan with all the Giants stuff I’ve been picking up lately!

Pack Breakdown
Blaster 1
Pack 1

130 Brian Barton (RC)
25 Edinson Volquez
83 Chipper Jones
112 Joey Votto (RC)
121 Matt Tolbert (RC), 1D

Pack 2
149 Hiroki Kuroda (RC)
26 Miguel Cabrera
77 Dan Uggla
98 Roberto Clemente
114 Michael Aubrey (RC), 1D

Pack 3
32 Roy Halladay
17 B.J. Upton
79 Derrek Lee
22 Nick Markakis
111 Ryan Tucker (RC), 1D

Pack 4
65 Nick Swisher
55 Dustin Pedroia
7 Torii Hunter
106 Eric Hurley (RC)
144 Justin Ruggiano (RC), 1D

Pack 5
89 Pedro Martinez
124 Armando Galarraga (RC)
118 Masahide Kobayashi (RC)
160 John Bowker AU (RC)
117 Hernan Iribarren (RC)

Pack 6
148 Chris Perez (RC)
103 Nick Adenhart (RC)
20 Jorge Posada
8 Mark Teixeira
145 Clay Buchholz (RC), 1D

Pack 7
19 Jason Bay
2 Tim Lincecum
107 Clayton Kershaw (RC)
10 C.C. Sabathia
143 Nick Blackburn (RC)

Pack 8
97 Nolan Ryan
110 David Purcey (RC)
61 Vladimir Guerrero
59 Derek Jeter
142 Greg Smith (RC), 1D

Blaster Two
Pack 1

14 Prince Fielder
131 Sean Rodriguez (RC)
80 Ryan Braun
117 Hernan Iribarren (RC), 1D
Redemption, Chris Perez AU (RC)

Pack 2
82 Manny Ramirez
56 Garrett Atkins
119 Jed Lowrie
1 Chase Utley
132 Kosuke Fukudome (RC), 1D

Pack 3
85 Matt Holliday
50 David Wright
53 Josh Hamilton
133 Chin-Lung Hu (RC)
105 Chris Carter (RC), 1D

Pack 4
125 Josh Banks (RC)
13 Alex Rodriguez
109 Garrett Mock (RC)
23 Tom Glavine
90 Carlos Zambrano 1D

Pack 5
142 Greg Smith (RC)
74 Rich Harden
38 Hunter Pence
41 Adrian Gonzalez
33 Brandon Webb 1D

Pack 6
143 Nick Blackburn (RC)
62 Joba Chamberlain
92 Mickey Mantle
43 Felix Hernandez
60 Scott Kazmir 1D

Pack 7
34 Brian Roberts
136 Jay Bruce (RC)
5 Russell Martin
67 Joe Mauer
81 Lance Berkman 1D

Pack 8
28 Ryan Church
35 Ken Griffey Jr.
64 Victor Martinez
16 Jake Peavy
102 Daric Barton (RC), 1D



  1. Looks like your hits weren’t great, but it’s still nice to get anything out of a retail blaster!

  2. That Manny card frustrates the absolute hell out of me. I’m tired of Photoshop.

  3. I noticed Morris pitching for the Giants.

    I am embarrassed to admit I did not notice the missing umpire.

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    […] I just came across a blog called Free Andy LaRoche. It’s a Dodger-centric card blog. He shares Manny’s 2008 Stadium Club card that shows some obvious signs of photoshopping. Check it out here. […]

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