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$3.99/hobby pack, six Heritage cards and two Update & Highlights cards per pack

Pack 1
580 Topps Rookie Stars Kosuke Fukudome RC
610 Kerry Wood
590 Brian Wilson
570 Geovany Soto
542 Ramon Castro
581 Gabe Kapler
UH171 Brian Bixler (RC)
UH 269 Robert Andino


Pack 2
589 Emmanuel Burriss (RC)
569 Josh Fields
515 Chris Volstad (RC)
549 Jeremy Sowers
537 Toronto Blue Jays CL
693 Ramon Hernandez
UH289 Chris Gomez
UH58 Scott Kazmir AS


The cards are still beautiful — they’re Heritage, after all.

I was much more excited about the concept of a Heritage update set before it came out. Now, it just seems like a waste. As much as I love Heritage — or any other vintage-styled card for that matter — it just leaves you wanting when the likes of Chris Gomez and Manny Burriss show up in your wax packs. And that’s not even considering the silliness of including two Update cards per pack. As I mentioned previously, if I wanted to collect Update cards, I’d buy Update packs!

Looking at the HHN checklist, it’s populated by a lot of rookies. That’s fine by me, but I would’ve rather seen Topps ’52 Rookies come out again and give the rooks their shine than to add an update to Heritage. Also making it that much harder to get excited about this set are the stupid short-prints, not to mention having never finished the original Heritage set in the first place! I’m stuck, short on short-prints, and 07 and 08 Heritage are essentially going to be forever incomplete. Knowing that, why bother starting yet another Heritage set this year?

Too bad I’m not a Cub fan. I’ve managed to pull all manner of Fukudome RCs all over the place!



  1. I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it until Topps hears it. That silly Rookie Card logo looks terrible and out of place on these Heritage cards. Donruss always had their Rated Rookies and Topps had their All Star Rookies… but do we have to be told which cards are rookie cards with a stupid logo? No.

    Half the fun of baseball cards is digging through the collection looking for rookie cards when a guy makes it big… labeling ever rookie card takes the fun away.

  2. I would have rather had a rookies or Major League debut set, too.

    As much as I like the Heritage design, it has my vote for worst Topps set of the year because of all the darn shortprints.

  3. Shortprints KILL what could’ve been the most loved set of the year (it may still be, but not the runaway it could’ve been). There are so many collectors out there (me included) that are still trying to collect the low numbers, because of the short-prints, and then they throw this fiasco at us.

  4. The SPs absolutely kill this set, or any other set. If it weren’t for the minis in A & G, I’d have never finished the SP set, and I’m still not finished on 07 & 08 Heritage, 05 UD Classics, and 08 Masterpieces. And I probably won’t be finished for a long time!

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