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citifieldBailout recipient Citibank purchased the naming rights to the Mets’ new yard for something along the lines of $400 milion, which I presume is the standard price for such a thing these days.

Then again, considering the citizens of New York are already putting in $260 million of their own money into the construction of this park, on top of bailing out Citibank to the tune of $25 billion or so, Field of Schemes suggests a more appropriate name would be CITY Field.

Considering Citibank is now getting that much more of my money — first the taxpayer-funded bailout, and now they’re doubling my credit card interest rates as part of an overall rate increase — perhaps I can stake my claim to the new park. While my contribution to keep Citibank afloat may not be enough to slap my name on a sign in front of the stadium, there has to be something I can claim! I’ll make my case for free Dodgers/Mets tickets next time I’m on the phone with a Citibank CSR.

Thank goodness Seattle’s taxpayers had the sense to send the Sonics packing when they came begging for public money. I only hope Portland will do the same, now that Merritt Paulson — yes, son of Hank Paulson — is begging its taxpayers to hand over $40 million to replace perfectly functional PGE Park.



  1. I love baseball as much as the next guy, but stadiums should NOT be publicly funded. I was hoping people were starting to see the light on this, but maybe not.

  2. Some cities for sure have long track records of saying no to rich billionaires asking for handouts. That’s precisely the reason LA still doesn’t have a football team. If you can afford the NFL’s $600 million franchise fee, you can afford another $300 million for a stadium.

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