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As inspired by this post over at Dinged Corners, here’s a winter view from my neck of the woods.


It’s not terribly snowy — we had less than two inches of wet snow fall overnight, and with most of the morning commuters driving through it, it’s now mostly relegated to the sidewalks and lawns. But considering how much has fallen in not-too-far-away Portland, most of us here are breathing a sigh of relief.

Snow-locked Portland has been mostly shut down for the better part of a week. About a foot or so of snow has fallen on Portland, which isn’t much in comparison to other places.  But when it’s a major metro area that isn’t used to (or prepared with plows, gravel trucks, and other snow-removal equipment) much more than a couple inches of snow a year, then you’ve some problems!

We’ve received, by my count, about half a foot of snow in the last two weeks. Not much, but considering how dry our November was, we’ll take all we can get!


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