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texYou know who are the real losers? Toronto and Milwaukee. What should’ve been first-round draft pick compensation for losing type-A free agents now gets bumped down to lower rounds, since Los Angeles of Anaheim of Orange County of Southern California of the West Coast of the United States of North America gets the Yankees’ first-round pick (#26).

As an aside, it’s too bad the Yankees have another first-round pick, #28a, which they received as compensation for failing to sign 2008 first-rounder Gerrit Cole. Cole of course told the Yankees to take their money elsewhere and opted instead for some time at UCLA.

Who else loses? Both the Braves and Angels gave up considerable minor-league talent to acquire Tex, all for naught.

$23 million a year for Tex? Wow. You have to hand it to his agent, Scott Boras. In a recession year, the Yankees have now committed to pay $420 million in salary over the next eight years. But don’t ask them to pay for their own ballpark! That’s what the taxpayers of NYC are for!

Strangely enough, it’s interesting to see the Yankees actually add a free agent at a position that’s a weakness for them, instead of just going out and signing everybody. And I’m really surprised they preferred the oft-injured A.J. Burnett to the workhorse Derek Lowe.

I’d be really irritated if they somehow managed to sign Manny Ramirez as well. I mean, how many 1B/DH/LF types are they expecting to hold on to?

The good news? With the Angels publicly declaring they don’t want Manny, and the Red Sox obviously being a non-competitor, that really leaves just the Mets and Nationals as the only potential competition to sign Manny.

Right now, Ned Colletti’s choice to only offer a two-year/3rd-year option deal looks like genius. With no one else involved in the bidding, why capitulate to Scott Boras’ demands? While I doubt the deal Manny signs will pay him $22 million a year, Ned’s patience so far has worked in the Dodgers’ favor. Now we’ll get to see if he can close it out, and sign Ramirez to a reasonable contract.


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  1. Manny may be the big loser of the Yankees’ latest move. The Mets are supposedly not interested. (The Wilpons have always been very image-conscious, so I really can’t see them rolling the dice, either.)

    The offer that he turned down from the Dodgers may be the best one that Manny gets.

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