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A while back, Cards on Cards offered a free minor league card giveaway. Never one to turn down anything for free, I threw my name in for some Dodgers minor leaguers. I split the booty with Night Owl Cards, but nonetheless, came out with some pretty cool cards.

This package actually came the other day, but in my pre-Christmas box-busting frenzy, and then the subsequent hanging out with the family time, I never did quite get around to mentioning some of the highlights.

Without further ado, here are the highlights:


Just in case you tune in during one of the rare times he doesn’t mention it, Kevin Kennedy was a former major league (and minor league) manager!


John Shoemaker spent a long time in the Dodger minor league system, and was the manager at Double-A Jacksonville last year. Of course, the Marlins are now the parent club for the Suns, and the Dodgers’ new Double-A team is the Chattanooga Lookouts. John Valentin is the skipper there. No word yet on whether or not Shoemaker will remain with the Dodgers.


Billy Bean didn’t amount to much as a ballplayer, spending most of his nine-year professional career in the minors. In 478 major-league at-bats over six seasons, he posted a pedestrian .574 OPS.

Bean’s claim to fame was his public declaration of homosexuality in 1999. That, and being forever confused with former major leaguers Bill Bene (Dodgers 1988 #1 draft pick) and Billy Beane (current Oakland A’s general manager).


You know, I’m not sure why, but seeing Rafael Bournigal sure makes me unhappy!


For some reason, I always forget that Eddie Murray played for the Dodgers. I guess when you go through the thoroughly undistinguishable years that Eric Karros (and not Paul Konerko) manned the position, you just tend to forget that anyone notable ever played there for the Dodgers.

Other members of the 500 HR club that have played for the Dodgers include: the aforementioned Eddie Murray (89-91, 97), Frank Robinson (72), and Manny Ramirez (08). Gary Sheffield (98-01) will join them next year, and Fred McGriff (03) came ever so close with 493.

There were plenty of other cards that will take their residence in the big box of Dodgers. Thanks again, Cards on Cards!


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