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As a get-to-know-me sort of  thing, here are my answers to the survey posted by the ladies at Dinged Corners.

1. If I didn’t collect baseball cards, I’d collect … really, the best way for me to answer this is with another question — what wouldn’t I collect? My previous collections include other sports cards (football, basketball, NASCAR, hockey, oddballs such as Pro Set Super Stars), Star Wars figures, G.I. Joe figures, Transformers, Nike sneakers … the list goes on!

My wife is pretty thrilled that it’s just baseball cards these days.

2. Not-so-obvious baseball heroes include Masanori Murikami, the first Japanese-born MLB player; Ichiro Suzuki, Buzzie Bavasi, and Billy Beane, and Bill James.

3. I’d list my baseball card resolutions, but I’ve been back in the swing of things for just a little more than a year. Therefore I don’t have anything in the way collecting resolutions.

4. If I could spend a day with one person from baseball history, it’d be Curt Flood. I’d talk to him if he ever envisioned free agency to become the monster that it is now.

5. Dogs? Not really. I like cats of most sorts.

6. My current favorite ballplayer is Dodgers centerfielder Matt Kemp.

7. My favorite team is obviously the Dodgers, with appreciation for the Red Sox, Athletics, and Rays.

8. Baseball movie? Hard to pick just one. It’s a newer one, and isn’t really a “classic” a la Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, etc., but I loved it — The Final Season.

9. My favorite baseball book is Smithsonian Baseball.

10. Favorite card(s) would be my “LAROCHE” By the Letter 07 SP Authentic letter patches.


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