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14 packs per box/eight cards per pack

Base set completion (1-100): 54 of 100 (54%)
2007 RC set completion (101-142): 19 of 42 (45%)
Short print set completion (143-234, 1993 & 1995 SP design): 14 of 92 (15%)
1996 SP RC set completion (234-284): 21 of 50 (42%)
Total set completion: 108 of 284 (38%)
Total duplicates 2 (2007 RC design)





This is the third of my Christmas purchases from DACW. You have to love below-retail prices combined with free shipping.

It strikes me that this year’s UD  Timeline would’ve been infinitely more attractive to collect if they managed the checklist the way they did for last year’s SP Rookie Edition. And that’s not to suggest that 07 SP Rookie Edition’s checklist is that much more well-managed — this set could’ve easily been trimmed by about, let’s say, 92 short-printed cards or so.

This is a sweet design — the veterans have just the single right-hand-side gold/black  border with their surnames in bold letters. Rookies have an additional border featuring a shadow-like action photo as well as the Rookie Card logo. And then there’s the three subsets based on the 1993, 1995, 1996 SP designs.

Sets like this remind me why I love sets such as Heritage, and why I thought I’d love Timeline. I’m not necessarily in favor of recycling ideas necessarily, but I like homages to the past. I say this since I missed so many of these classic designs. It’s nice to be able to appreciate them now.

I do think UD could’ve easily included all three subsets and avoided the stupid short prints by keeping the checklist shorter and not repeatedly using the same players. I’m obviously still an Andy LaRoche fan, but the need for three different “parallels” of his card in this set is negligible at best. Perhaps not coincidentally, the same could be said of this year’s Timelines.

Fortunately, boxes of this set are pretty cheap to acquire, so finishing the 284-card set may not be such a monumental task. Still, it could’ve been considerably easier had not UD stuck with the “must include parallels and short-prints” mantra.



  1. I was really tempted to get a box of this since it was so cheap, but I’m working on the Timelines set and I didn’t need to start another set like this. I really like the old SP designs too.

  2. Yeah, there’s just something about those old SP designs that just drew me in.

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