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Happy New Year!

I thought I’d change the look of this place. I like it, and the color blue is obviously a lot more simpatico with the Dodger-leaning writing here.

The background photo is a panoramic shot of the L.A. Coliseum during last year’s baseball exhibitions with the Dodgers and the Red Sox.

As for other news on this first day of the year … I won’t bother to link, but the baseball card blogosphere is clearly happy with the debut of the MLB Network yesterday.

Obviously, programming was pretty sparse although I’m sure this will change as the season draws closer. It’s nice to see some familiar broadcasting faces in Bob Costas as well as Al Leiter, some new blood in Barry Larkin, but I’m definitely not pleased to know underinformed blowhards such as Matt Vasgersian (Padres TV play-by-play), Jon Heyman and Tom Verducci (Sports Illustrated), and Harold Reynolds (ESPN) will be coming along as well.

I am however 100% stoked on seeing classic games re-broadcast, as ESPN Classic never seems to show anything other than the same old bunch of games everyone’s already seen.

I just wish they could’ve picked another game as their initial foray into the archives. Not that Don Larsen’s perfect game wasn’t noteworthy, but I really dislike seeing the Dodgers on the wrong end of history. I mean, hearing Jack Buck’s “GO CRAZY FOLKS!” and Russ Hodges’ “THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT” was aggravating enough. I almost expected a video loop of Al Downing and Chan Ho Park giving up their historic home runs to come up as well.

On a lighter note, hearing about baseball makes me pine all the more for baseball season to get under way. I say this even though I’ve yet to dance with my late-winter/early-spring mistress, NCAA basketball. And it doesn’t help that the wife and I are going to be visiting (well, more like driving through one and stopping in two) three different minor league cities soon!



  1. to add to your frustration, i think they are playing game 5 of the 08 nlcs later this week.
    i totally agree that this is making me more anxious than ever for the 09 season. the only complaint i have is the talent. i like harold reynolds until he starts to talk. larkin seems to be too much like harold. only al leiter seems to have some original thoughts and opinions. this is all based on 10 minutes of programming from this morning. except for reynolds.
    so, now that andy laroche has been freed, will this become free chin lung hu?

  2. I don’t mind Jon Heyman so much, but I hear ya on some of those other guys.

    They’ve been doing it for so long and they are going to get all the good stories because they are allowed to go where other reporters aren’t. During the playoffs this season, I watched these guys walk around as though the clubhouse was theirs and not the Phillies (That’s who I covered). And every player had no problem talking to them. But when it came to other reporters, I saw the players blow them off. It was disheartening.

  3. Haha, I doubt this will turn into free Chin-Lung Hu, because frankly, I don’t think that’s a cause worth fighting. Now as far Ivan DeJesus, that’s a whole different matter!

  4. Jon Heyman is frustrating to me in that like many sportswriters, they love to state the obvious.

    But I do hear you on the obvious fraternization between some writers and the athletes. These guys are supposed to be unbiased observers, not buddying up to the subjects of their stories.

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