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Or as the good folks at Hardball Times are calling it, The House that yankeesCorruption Built.

Is it any surprise that Mayor Michael Bloomberg pressured NYC tax assessors to inflate the value of the new Yankee Stadium land from $27 million to $204 million? Is it any surprise that once that land was “re-assessed,” the team could then qualify for tax-exempt bond issues?

Is it any surprise that the team that just spent $180 million on Mark Teixeira, $160 million on C.C. Sabathia, and $83 million on A.J. Burnett also wanted sweetheart tax deals?

In times when our economy is faltering, and revenues are down, the Yankees spend nearly half a billion dollars in one offseason, and STILL have the nerve to ask for sweetheart deals?

And let’s not forget the Mets, whose owner Fred Wilpon claims the Mets are doing just fine in spite of losing “hundreds of millions of dollars” as a result of scheming by his friend Bernard Madoff.

I guess if you’re indirectly receiving $400 million in federal bailout money, you’d be doing just fine yourself.

It really frustrates me, particularly when barraged by the constant doomsday economic speak from the media, when you hear that sports franchises continue to benefit from corporate welfare. I clearly enjoy sports a great deal, but for sports to be as dependent on government subsidies — essentially making sport an exercise in socialism, of sorts — runs counter to so many of the values that sports fans cherish.


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