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Eight cards per pack/18 packs per box

Base set (1-100) completion: 43 of 100 (43%)
Total set completion: 127 of 385 (33%)

1992 UD Minor League set (101-130) completion: 18 of 30 (60%)
1994 All-Time Heroes set (131-180) completion: 18 of 50 (36%)
1995 SP Top Prospects set (181-210) completion: 18 of 30 (60%)
2004 Timeless Teams set (211-310) completion: 18 of 100 (18%)

Short Prints:
1993 SP set (311-335) completion: 5 of 25 (20%)
1994 SP set (336-360) completion: 5 of 25 (20%)
1995 SP set (361-385) completion: 2 of 25 (4%)

Other Inserts/Parallels:
20th Anniversary: 3 (133 G. Maddux, 169 L. Berkman, 178 K. Fukudome)
Gold: 6 (8 C. Jones, 11 J. Rollins, 20 A. Pujols, 38 G. Sizemore, 89 B. Barton, 98 C. Kershaw)
Silver: 1 (M. Ramirez)
Yankee Stadium Legacy: 4 (5558 D. Mattingly, 5583 J. Wetteland, 5608 J. Wetteland, 5658 D. Jeter)




After all the time I spent saying how much I didn’t like this set, I go out and buy a box. What is wrong with me?

Fact of the matter is, this is SP Rookie Edition + 100 more cards. And I really love 07 SP Rookie Edition. So by extension, I had to do this set too, right? I suppose.

This set has all the hallmarks of a set that’s going to drive me crazy. Appealing design, weak checklist, and scores of short prints and inserts. Just a few weeks before I’m going to be thinking about 09 Topps Heritage, I’m fiddling with Timeline.

But as I mentioned, the set just looks nice. You can’t go wrong with the re-visited SP designs, and I love the Timeless Teams design.


Speaking of which, this card is listed on as a silver parallel. You can’t see it that well on the scan, but that foil stamping is definitely not silver, but gold. Either way — a Manny card in Dodger uniform? Bonus!

My quibbles about this set haven’t changed much. Upper Deck could’ve easily trimmed 200 or more cards off the checklist and still used all the retro designs, and still had a decent selection of players. But keeping in line with 07SPre, the set is filled with lots of no-name rookies. Which would be fine if they were part of the base set, but not so great when they’re all inserts and SPs. Just look at the autos I pulled — Washington is a 12-year minor league veteran who FINALLY was called up in 2008, Holm, an eight-year minor league veteran, and Wade … well, I like the guy, but autographs from 7th-inning relievers aren’t all that exciting.

It was also frustrating to see these three cards so badly miscut.


Granted, it’s just three cards, but come on. As the cards say, this is 2008, not 1958. What happened with UD’s quality control? I’m curious as I’ve read in more than one place that there have been printing issues with this set.

It is nice of UD,  however, to collate six inserts/SPs into each hobby pack, up from two in retail packs. The six insert/SP per pack ratio actually make the set a decent one to pursue. Still, had this box not been littered with all those stupid gold/silver/20th anniversary parallels,  I would’ve been even closer to the finish line. And although the YSL cards don’t count towards the total card count, it would’ve been nicer yet if those were additional cards towards the set.

Also, isn’t it interesting that there are exactly one each of the non-SP inserts in each hobby pack?

For all the problems I have with this set, chances are I’ll buy another box as prices for them have dropped considerably since their release.



  1. I have the same love-hate relationship with these. I refuse to collect the set because of all the short-prints, but I still can’t help buying some. This set probably as more quality control issues than any other (dented cards, roller marks, miscuts), but I still like the looks of it and all the different kinds of cards.

  2. You got hosed because you didn’t get a Brandon Boggs auto.

  3. Ha, I did notice the glut of Brandon Boggs cards everyone else seems to be finding!

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