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Eight cards per pack/24 packs per box

Base set completion: 111 of 251 (44%)
Short print set completion: 7 of 45 (16%)
Prospect set completion: 48 of 100 (48%)
Rainbow foil set completion: 14 of 251 (3%)
Rainbow foil short print set completion: 7 of 45 (16%)

Overall set completion (two hobby boxes)

Base set: 174 of 251 (69%)
Short print set: 14 of 45 (31%)
Prospect set: 72 of 100 (72%)
Rainbow foil set: 30 of 151 (12%)
Rainbow foil short print set: 21 of 45 (47%)





It sure is a pain in the rear to finish a set these days. Two boxes, lots of cards, even more duplicates. Given that there’s only a possible five base cards per pack, I suppose I should be happy with where I am. Five base cards per pack x 48 packs fives me 240 total possible base cards. I now have 174 of them, or a little more than 2/3 of the way.

Obviously what Topps wants the buyer to do here is to put down for another box. Fortunately, I’ve now managed to acquire a decent-sized piled of doubles that I can hopefully cash in for the remainder of the set.

Still, the point I made in the last post remains. If Topps, UD, and everybody else continue to devalue the hobby box, while maintaining ridiculously high prices, buyers will simply wait. They’ll wait like I did until retailers are forced to discount them, or worse yet, sell them at a loss. Keeping up this process will eventually force retailers to reconsider, or in the worst case, close up shop. We already see this happening on a large scale — shops are closing all the time.

There is no incentive for me to buy wax at full MSRP, knowing it’ll be discounted in due time. I assume Topps/UD are fully aware of this, but the way it’s been, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Nonetheless, I’ll probably end up buying 2009 Topps as well as Heritage on or around their release dates, but anything else is likely going to wait until discounts come.

This will also likely be my last box break until the 09 product comes out, unless of course I run into some extra cash.

Oh, and by the way, Curt Schilling’s middle name is Montague? Didn’t see that one!


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