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One pack per box/eight cards per pack

Base set: 8 of 100 (8%)





So was this an NL West pack or what? Manny, 07 ROY Tulo, and the two D-Backs aces. Interestingly enough, Tulo and Haren are pictured at Dodger Stadium. Oh yeah,  there’s also two of the three star 3B from the AL East.

I know there’s a lot of grumbling about UD’s change from the 07 configuration of Sweet Spot. Of course, the 08 configuration costs roughly half of what the 07 did. I paid $18 for this box, and currently, DACW is selling 07 tins for $46. Then there’s the 08 retail configuration of three packs of eight cards + one GU per tin, for $30.

All I know is I’m glad I didn’t pay any more than I did. The SS signatures are without a doubt some of the coolest looking cards out there. Still, it’s hard to pay this much for a product and not be guaranteed against pulling a lemon (i.e. rookie signatures).

And for me, it’s a shame this is Beltre in a Mariners uniform. This card would’ve been the pull of a lifetime five years ago! I can appreciate another Manny in Dodger uniform card, though.

Anyway, kudos to UD for bringing this down to a more reasonable price point. Of course, the tradeoff is knowing you could very well end up with a cheap, useless rookie signature.

As for the base cards, don’t they remind you an awful lot of this?


That’s 1999 UD Ovation, in case you’ve forgotten. But it’s not as though anyone’s buying these mini-boxes in search of base cards. It’s a huge trade-off you’ll have to consider making. Pay less MSRP, but it’s also less likely you’ll end up with the SS autos/more likely you’ll end up with base cards you don’t want.


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  1. that is the type of tin i would want – mauer, manny, a couple of dodger stadium shots and a beltre sig. good times.

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