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Eight cards per pack/24 packs per box
Base set completion: 244 of 500 (48%)

Insert set completion
New Age Performers: 2 of 15 (13%)
Baseball Flashbacks: 2 of 10 (20%)
News Flashbacks: 1 of 10 (10%)
Then and Now: 2 of 10 (20%)
Chrome Parallels: 5 of 100 (5%)

Short Print set completion (426-500): 8 of 75 (11%)





It’s the end of February, so we all know that means it’s time again for Topps Heritage. This year, the very colorful 1960 design is resurrected. I can’t complaing about the design — it stays true to the original.

What I will complain about is the return of lazy Topps photography. Just when you thought Topps had done away with all of their lovely spring training photos, they come back with a vengeance in this year’s iteration of Heritage.

Take a look at card number 5, Andre Ethier


Clearly a spring training shot, and probably taken at the former Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida. Does the photo look familiar? It should!


Here’s Andre in 2008 Heritage, looking the other direction, but likely standing in the same spot (and with the older version of his signature as well).


And here’s his card from the 2008 All-Rookie subset, but with a bat this time. Really Topps, would’ve it been that hard to find good headshots of these guys? I mean, you did it for THIS guy!


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of a good photo to use on a trading card. Happy Andy, enjoying his freedom, and making me think “2009 Heritage is awesome, really.”

This particular box delivered all the advertised insertion (SPs, inserts) ratios, and included the essentially worthless Kevin Millwood gamer. Given that the hits out of this set are essentially pointless, you’d think DACW/Blowout/Charm City would all be selling at MSRP, but no. As of today, their 09 Heritage prices are $15 above MSRP at $80. So unless you can find someone to sell these boxes at MSRP, it’s going to be a pricy go to finish this year’s set.

So other than the usual Topps photography issues, Heritage once again is what Heritage has always been — a set collector’s trammel (STUPID SHORT PRINTS) and treasure all rolled into one.


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  1. The ALR card is just sweet

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