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Look, I know things aren’t all that rosy for you these days. I understand the economy’s in the tank, and people just don’t have the sort of discretionary income they used to.

And then there’s that whole “we lost our NBA license” thing on top of the “we lost our Yu-Gi-Oh license” thing.

I also understand you tried to undercut and sneak your way into other related business transactions. But hey, that’s the business world. And as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing, seems like nobody in the business world really operates ethically, or for that matter, politely any more.

I get it. Things at Upper Deck just aren’t what they used to be. But good grief, great googly moogly, and for the love of all things good and beautiful, there is just no excuse for this monstrosity.


I normally use a much smaller size when inserting scans. But a smaller scan would’ve made this card somewhat forgivable. I don’t know how much UD is paying their photo editors these days, or if they even still employ any, but this is the absolute worst photo I’ve ever seen used on a trading card. I can’t imagine how Linda Hamilton or her representatives would’ve reacted had they known this is what they had signed for.

I mean, this is the mother of the Resistance, Sarah Connor herself! She looks like some freakish Madonna lookalike!

The only that kept this pack from being a complete waste was this card.


But even Free Andy can’t save yet another mediocre offering from the UD design crew. 2009 is clearly the Year of the X, as SPx, Spectrum, and of course, the much-beloved X all share the harsh, jarring X-centered motif.

Just like I’ve wondered with bailout babies GM, Chrysler, CitiBank, and now Upper Deck, you almost wonder if the market would be better off without companies like them putting out such mediocre goods.


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  1. That Hamilton card is terrible. I imagine the photo on her driver’s license is more flattering… and you know how they always come out. 😉

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