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I mean, what is the logical, rational response to this latest monstrosity (courtesy of 2009 Upper Deck Artifacts):


An event as impactful as this, and the best UD can scrounge up is hastily thrown together Comic Sans MS typeface nonsense? There was no other illustration or photo available to UD that could’ve been used for this card?

You want to give credit to UD for finally letting go of the X, but then this is what comes out when that crutch is removed?

It appears UD (at least, according to the Sports Card File)  losing its MLB license isn’t quite a 100% proposition. But can any collector honestly say s/he would miss this if it never came back? And it’s not the topic — just look at how well Topps can work U.S. History — it’s all the execution. UD has taken something that is interesting and fails epically by ignoring what made it big — innovation.

There’s nothing innovative about using MS Paint-level artwork for your product. There’s nothing innovative about taking an arguably mediocre design idea and recycling at least three times the following year. There’s nothing innovative about geting rid of your most successful products.

I buy UD product out of habit — I HAVE to buy packs — since there’s obviously nothing that stands out about it otherwise. Such a disappointment considering as recently as last year, UD was still doing things right. Oh well.

Hey, at least this card was in the mix today.



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