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Found these bad boys at the local Toys R Us


It’s no Manny bobblehead, but they’ll do until I can finagle my way into getting the real thing!



  1. WOw! cool toys i too want to have a pair of those.from where i can get that dude.

  2. Those are awsome! Everytime I go to Toys R Us, I always see crappy old Sammy Sosa and Tom Glavine figures. WTF? What Toy R Us did you go to? I want those. What company makes those?

    • Same here! Either that, or it’s ALWAYS Derek Jeter or David Wright.

      I found them at a Toys R Us here in the NW. They only had one of each Dodger. I was pretty surprised to see them there. I’m guessing I just happened to be the first one to notice them before they got snatched up.

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