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Sort of live-blogging (watching the Dodgers-Giants on DVR delay):

– What a ridiculous, unnecessarily aggressive slide by Eugenio Velez. Matt Kemp’s throw was high, and Velez clearly saw Russell Martin had his back to him. There was no chance of a play at the plate, so to knock down Martin — while he was airborne, no less — was stupidly aggresive.

– Pablo Sandoval needs to SHUT UP. A little irritated that y0u get pitched inside mere moments after your teammate pulls a bonehead move? Get over it, and get off the cheeseburger diet.

– Edgar Renteria … seriously? You, of all people, getting in anyone’s face? Get back on the bench where you belong.

– Kudos to Long Beach’s finest James McDonald for protecting his catcher, and to Brad Ausmus for saving Renteria from a dose of “O, Canada!”

photo credit: Yahoo! Sports

photo credit: Yahoo! Sports

Andre Ethier has five walk-off hits this season, including three home runs. He has eight since the beginning of 2008, the most in the majors during that span.

We need a major-league second baseman now!


We need a proven major-league closer now!


We need a major-league top-of-the-rotation ace pitcher now!


We need a major-league centerfielder now!


No really, we need a major-league centerfielder now!


From the top:

– RHP Pedro Martinez traded for 2B Delino DeShields. Pedro went on to win three Cy Young awards.

– RHP Edwin Jackson and LHP Chuck Tiffany traded for RHP Danys Baez and RHP Lance Carter. Edwin Jackson won 14 games for Tampa, and was a 2008 All-Star for Detroit.

– RHP Jason Schmidt, signed 3 years/$47 million in 2006. Has pitched a total of eight games and 33.2 innings since arriving in L.A.

– OF Juan Pierre, signed 5 years/$44 million in 2006. Mediocre in 2007, and relegated to the bench since 2008.

– OF Andruw Jones, signed 2 years/$36 million in 2008. Had a historically bad year in 2008, was replaced by Manny Ramirez, and bought out of his contract in 2009.

There’s something to be said about staying with the one you brought to the dance. Chad Billingsley may not be the sexiest top-of-the-rotation starter out there, but that’s more an indictment of the ridiculous east-coast bias of the media. Cole Hamels can start the year off miserably, but not have his ability questioned. Billingsley can start with guns blazing, go through a slump, and he’s basically garbage after that.

It was a given that the Dodgers would finally stumble into a three-game losing streak. And as disappointing as it is, you have to give credit where credit’s due. It’s no small task to play 100 games and lose three in a row just once.

But I absolutely hate, hate, HATE that it had to be to the Cardinals.

These are the so-called “best fans in baseball?” The same fans who see fit to boo Manny Ramirez every time he’s involved in the game? Considering that the Cardinals have no real modern rivalry with the Dodgers — I mean, Jack freakin’ Clark of all people was a Dodger “coach” in recent times — their fans haven’t really felt the need to boo any Dodgers of recent note. I mean, the Dodgers have trotted out plenty of despicable players such as Andruw Jones, Luis Gonzalez, Julio Lugo, Brett Tomko, and so on, and none of them enticed the St. Louis boo-birds.

But yet, Manny Ramirez does? I wonder why? Is it because Ken Rosenthal and Rick Sutcliffe say he “ruined the IN-TEG-RA-TEE of the game?” Oh man, well it’s a great thing the Cardinals would never have had any of their players do such a thing.


Listen, Cardinals fans. Ballplayers use performance-enhancing drugs. It sucks, but for better or worse, it’s part of the game. If it isn’t andro; it’s HGH; it’s flaxseed oil; it’s female fertility drugs. Whatever. If doing drugs is what ballplayers feel the need to do, then so be it.

But the fact of the matter is, these guys aren’t boy scouts and altar boys. They’re not running for POTUS. If they feel the need to use whatever the latest whatever is to get themselves juiced in the gym, so be it. They’re entertainers. No one cares one whit that Warren Beatty or Harrison Ford are getting chemically enhanced to maintain their appearances. So why exactly are we so insistent on moralizing when it comes to baseball?

But enough of that. It’s called a hot streak Cardinals fans. Enjoy it. But for the love of all things holy, cut it out with the Manny booing. It’s ridiculous.

Losing two games, scoring just one run, but racking up hit after hit is incredibly frustrating. But that’s how the breaks go. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

Not the greatest day in the world to be a Dodger fan. The good news — the Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee exploratory committees seem to be fizzling out. No need to squander prospects when the difference an “ace” pitcher makes over the remainder of the season is negligible to begin with. But the good news is tempered with the rumor that Orioles “closer” George Sherrill is now the target of the Dodgers’ affections. Really? George Sherill? I mean, this after Hong-Chih Kuo’s successful outing on Monday night?

Granted, Brent Leach has been struggling, and Scott Elbert is back in Albuquerque, but really, George Sherill? This sure sounds so much like “make a trade for the sake of making a trade.” What exactly would a Sherill acquisition mean for the Dodgers?

It gets better. Not only does a Sherill acquisition not make a whole lot of sense, Oriole fans sure seem to think that the Dodgers ought to send all manner of talent in exchange. How much of a mistake is it to give up anything negligible for a reliever, the most volatile of volatile assets? Considering only Jonathan Broxton is the only member of the Dodger bullpen serving the same role he did last year, is it worth dealing anything of worth for Sherill? I mean, how hard is it to find another bullpen arm? Not much difficulty in rounding up Ronald Belisario and Ramon Troncoso, was there?

The icing on the cake: 2010 will be Vin Scully’s final season as the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The transition from Chick Hearn to … whomever it is that calls Laker games now was jarring, to put it nicely. I can’t even begin to imagine how Scully’s transition would be, especially considering the motley crew (Eric Collins, Steve Lyons, Charley Steiner) currently serving as his understudies. From childhood to the present day,  game day has always started with: “Hi everybody, and a a good evening to you, wherever you may be. It’s time for DODGER BASEBALL!”

Just like I want the Bruins to win one more title for Coach Wooden, I want the Dodgers to win one more title for Scully.

Good news? This arrived in the mail Monday:


“It was one of the best moments in my career. I’m just glad it happened in LA.”

photo credit: Yahoo! Sports

photo credit: Yahoo! Sports

Found these bad boys at the local Toys R Us


It’s no Manny bobblehead, but they’ll do until I can finagle my way into getting the real thing!

San Bernadino 66ers mascot Bernie, at yesterday’s game:

(pic credit: The Trolley Dodger)

(pic credit: The Trolley Dodger)

This is the Padres’ Fourth of July (a.k.a. Manny’s back, game #2) stadium giveaway: padres

I’m fairly confident that no Dodger promotion, past or present, has mentioned any other team, and especially not the Padres.

But it’s nice to know they’re still thinking of us, even when they’re sitting 15 games back behind in the standings. Besides, I think Boston Celtics and San Francisco Giants fans already have the “BEAT L.A.!” thing cornered.

Jeff Kent, along with a number of other Hall of Famers and retired MLB stars during the Hall of Fame Classic this weekend. Kent of course ended his career with the Dodgers, but played six seasons with the Giants.

I would imagine this pretty much confirms which hat he’s going to be depicted wearing at Cooperstown.

As an aside, I’m glad Jeff finally found a younger teammate he’s happy to play alongside.

No, not the Beach Boy. The guy who Casey Blake hit a HR off Sunday. The guy who does that weird crossed-arms “X” thing after he closes out a game.

This guy:


So as it turns out, Mr. Wilson was pretty irritated about Casey Blake doing this, after hitting the HR off him.


Considering Blake doesn’t exactly have the reputation of being a troublemaker, you’re left to assume that this was merely an immature demonstrative gesture in response to another immature demonstrative gesture. In other words, I doubt Blake would’ve bothered if he’d known what exactly the gesture’s all about.

Here’s some advice Brian. If you don’t want people getting irritated at what appears to be an immature demonstrative gesture, then 1. either don’t do it in the first place, or 2. don’t be so tight-lipped about what it means.

I don’t think anyone is ridiculing Brian Wilson’s faith. In fact, I’d go so far to say that sport is one of the few places where most people don’t mind outward displays of faith.

You know what though, Brian? Don’t stop giving glory to God. Just be a little more mindful of how you do it, and how it’s going to be perceived. Don’t be such a Pharisee, you know, with the flamboyant, outward displays and all.

Most of all, I know it’ll probably disappoint the Giant faithful, but don’t forget about the meek inheriting the earth, and turning the other cheek.