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It was with great disappointment that I read Upper Deck plans on discontinuing the Masterpieces brand. It’s a shame as it was one of the few Upper Deck releases I actually looked forward to in 2008.

Really, it’s just another in a rash of bad decisions by Upper Deck — not that Topps was innocent of such things themselves — Moments and Milestones, anyone? That they’re bringing back the widely panned X, A Piece of  History/Artifacts, Opening Day, and adding updates to Documentary and Yankee Stadium Legacy. Add to that the decision to discontinue Masterpieces and Sweet Spot, arguably two of their most popular products, and you’ve some seriously senseless decisionmaking.

But as industry insider Steve Judd asks succintly, you have to wonder what this means for the card industry. Can Upper Deck and Topps afford to keep flooding the market with garbage releases and expect to be profitable during these economic times?

As a post-mortem to Masterpieces, here’s a few of the bonus cards that came with the last of my Christmas presents from DACW.


My hope is that these boxes will bring me that much closer to set completion on their respective fronts. However, I won’t be breaking these boxes until next week — busy weekend and all. Sadly, my last two weekends were far busier than my last week — work has slowed considerably, but predictably. Hopefully things’ll pick up again — I’d like to get in on the early 2009 releases, not to mention do things like pay the bills!


This card is exactly why I love Masterpieces so much. Awesome photo, and although it isn’t a painting necessarily, the expression on Biggio’s face, the gold border, really, everything comes together so well and makes this such an aesthetically pleasing card.


And it wouldn’ t be a modern set without all the pointless, stupid parallels, now would it? Here’s Morneau, framed in Green Linen (I think).


I have three copies of this card — one with my 07 Masterpieces set, another in my Dodger binder, and now this one. And what a beautiful moment to immortalize — Jackie signing on with Branch Rickey and the Dodgers. This was actually one of the first Masterpieces cards I owned, having found it while rummaging through the massively unorganized piles of cards at one of my favorite shops.

And of course, the “hit,” an on-card auto from Padres 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez.


I think it’s strange that I’ve managed to pull lots of Rockies, Padres, and especially Giants when it comes to autos and gamers.

I think it’s strange that in one pack, all the cards were vertically oriented, and in the other, they were all horizontally oriented.

I think it’s strange that both bonus gifts I received from DACW contained autos.

And I wish that I hadn’t haphazardly ordered from DACW, since combined, my orders would’ve qualified for something a lot nicer than Matt Cain and Adrian Gonzalez autographs!


18 packs, 4 cards per pack
Set completion: 57 out of 90 (63%)

With the cards I had from this set prior to purchasing the box, I now stand at 67 out of 90 (74%) base cards. That’s not a huge success rate as far as set building!

Captured on Canvas (advertised insertion rate: 1:18)
Daisuke Matsuzaka (RC)
Kevin Youkilis
Todd Helton

Strokes of Genius (advertised insertion rate: 1:6)
Michael Bourn (RC)

I ended up with three GU and one AU, rather than the advertised odds of one GU and three AU. Works for me; I’d rather have the GU cards anyway. Getting a Dice-K GU was a bonus too.

2007 UD Masterpieces 34 Troy Tulowitzki Blue Steel 22/50
2007 UD Masterpieces 70 David Wright Pinot Red 38/75
2007 UD Masterpieces 2 Babe Ruth Windsor Green
2007 UD Masterpieces 3 Bobby Thomson Windsor Green
2007 UD Masterpieces 18 Reggie Jackson Windsor Green
2007 UD Masterpieces 21 Walter Johnson Windsor Green
2007 UD Masterpieces 86 2004 World Series Champions Windsor Green
2007 UD Masterpieces MP9 Jered Weaver Box Topper

The Wright parallel looked nice, but I really find myself frustrated more often than not when it comes to parallels. I don’t want them, and they’re taking up space in my packs that could be used for base cards that I want.

I still love the look of these cards, and I’m just a trade away from completing the set. Kudos to Upper Deck for doing such a small, manageable, easier to collect set. It’s a shame that they had to go and ruin this year’s Masterpieces by adding 30 pointless short-prints to it.

07 UD Masterpieces retail pack (2.99, Wal-Mart)

32 Vladimir Guererro
71 Ryan Howard
41 Josh Hamilton
15 Hideki Matsui

After being really reluctant and hesitant to get into these cards when they first came out, I’ve fallen totally in love with them. I love the “canvas” stock, and the painting-style photography. I also love that it’s only a 90-card set, so the hobby box I have headed this way is likely to complete the set for me.

08 Donruss 7-Eleven Madden 09 Promo

5 Adrian Peterson
1 Tony Romo
6 Ben Roethlisberger (x2)
4 LaDainian Tomlinson
10 Matt Hasselbeck
3 Vince Yong
8 Matt Ryan

The nice lady at the 7-Eleven gave me a lot more than my prescribed “one free with the purchase of a Slurpee souvenir cup.” I don’t collect football cards, but I do wish I had asked her to look for UCLA alum Maurice Jones-Drew. If anyone out there wants these cards, let me know!