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7 + 1 “bonus pack,” four cards per pack.

Base set completion: 27 of 90 (30%)
Base set completion, to date (2 blasters + 2 hobby packs): 62 of 90 (69%)
Short print set completion: 1 of 30 (3%)
Short print set completion, to date: 2 of 30 (6%)
Total set completion: 28 of 120 (23%)
Total set completion, to date: 70 of 120 (58%)

“Hits” and interesting cards:

Captured on Canvas CC-JB Josh Beckett (Marlins jersey with pinstripe)
Brown framed Joba Chamberlain #’d 67/100
79 Russell Martin — what a beautiful card!
95 Warren Spahn SP
YSL 3840 Roy White
YSL 3865 Thurman Munson

I’m a little closer to finishing the base set now, and now I have some base doubles to trade. The Beckett GU was a nice pull too. Still, the collation leaves a little to be desired — I pulled two of the Ichiro base card among these eight packs.

Assuming the same collation rates, it’ll take me another two blasters to finish the base set, and I’ll still be nowhere near the short print set. I can’t say enough how much I loathe Upper Deck and their awful seeding rate for short prints in the retail boxes. Two blasters and just a measly two SPs.


7 + 1 “bonus pack,” four cards per pack.

Base set completion: 31 of 90 (34%)
Short print set completion: 1 of 30 (3%)
Total set completion: 32 of 120 (27%)

I’m pleased that a single blaster has produced one-third of the base set. What I’m thoroughly displeased with is Upper Deck ruining this set by adding pointless short prints. I’m not sure what the seeding rate is, but from what I’ve gathered from other people’s breaks, it’s about 1:2, meaning each hobby box has six SPs. Or in other words, absent generous trades in my favor, I have to buy at least two boxes of this product in order to complete a full set.

The configuration is a little different this year too. Last year’s UDM ran about $65 for an 18-pack (4 cards per pack) hobby box. This year, it’s about the same for a 12-pack (6 cards per pack) hobby box, meaning MSRP for a hobby pack is now a ridiculous six-to-seven dollars. Gone also are the three GU/one AU per box. I believe it’s one of each this year. Not that matters to me greatly, being a set builder.

All that to say I went with a blaster instead. In that blaster, I ended up with a good chunk of the base set. Adding to that what I picked up in hobby packs, I’m a good part of the way towards completing the set.

As for the cards themselves, they’re beautiful, much like last year’s set. Although the checklist is sadly lacking in HOF/retired players, the cards and art are still a joy to take in. Case in point — card #42, Andruw Jones. Why that slug is even allowed to disgrace the Dodger uniform on a baseball card is beyond me. But amazingly, even Fat Andruw looks good on a UD Masterpieces card.

No “hits” to speak of, but here are the more interesting cards.

5 Max Scherzer (RC)
7 Evan Longoria (RC)
44 James Loney
58 Ian Kennedy (RC)
114 Willie Stargell SP

And the HOF/retired crew: Brooks Robinson, Wade Boggs, Ryne Sandberg, Harmon Killebrew, Bill Mazeroski, Tony Gwynn

Yankee Stadium Legacy: 2
150 Herb Pennock
175 Earle Combs

UPDATE: So according to Stale Gum, it looks like MSRP for 08 UDM is indeed $7 a pack. That’s insane. Seven dollars for six base cards? Seven dollars a pack for SPs seeded 1:2, and only one each AU & GU per box? That’s seriously insane. What a rip-off!