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Eight cards per pack/24 packs per box

Base set completion: 105 of 251 (42%)
Short print set completion: 7 of 45 (16%)
Prospect set completion: 48 of 100 (48%)
Rainbow foil set completion: 6 of 251 (3%)
Rainbow foil short print set completion: 15 of 45 (33%)






This is the second of three boxes I recently ordered from DACW. I had wanted to do the final Bowman Heritage for some time, but never quite made it around to doing so. And now that prices for 07BH are much more reasonable, now’s as good a time as any.

As you know, the Heritage set is split up into a few different subsets: Prospects, Short Prints, and Rainbow Foil. In this instance, the SPs are truly a subset. They’re variants of the base cards, only without the facsimile autograph — even noted on the checklist as the “B” variation, with the regular card as the “A” variation. So one can complete the base set and not be short any cards from the checklist. This is a welcome change, particularly from Topps Heritage, with its usual load of 75 or so short-prints, all of them part of the main checklist. I really wish that Topps would do this for Heritage and Allen & Ginter — make the SPs a variation rather than an additional card.

The cards themselves are a faithful reproduction of the original 1952 Bowman set. Given my appreciation for all things vintage, it’s no surprise really that I’ve wanted to complete this set for some time.

The checklist is a very manageable 251 cards. Although as you can see here, a single hobby box will yield only half the set, especially with all the inserts included. Still, I can’t complain that the box didn’t produce a single double.

Topps sold these boxes with a guarantee of two relics and one auto per box. This box delivered that, and added a blue printing  plate and a black-border variation as well.

A couple of parting thoughts …


Dude. Bartolo. Seriously, you’ve let yourself go. And Mike Piazza in an A’s jersey? I totally thought this card was of Nick Swisher. But seeing Piazza in an A’s jersey makes about as much sense as seeing Rickey Henderson in a Dodger jersey.


28 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

Base set completion: 100 of 100 (two base sets completed)
Short print set completion: 7 of 30 (23%)

Classic Seasons Materials (1:14) Jim Rice 
Classic Materials (1:14) Bill Russell
League Leaders Signatures (1:28) Kevin Mitchell
Classic Moments (1:7) Kirk Gibson 1165/1999
Classic Seasons (1:7) Carl Yastrzemski 1716/1999
League Leaders Keith Hernandez (1:7) 130/999

Silver Parallels (1:7)
4 Babe Herman 77/399
15 Brooks Robinson 56/399
57 Johnny Mize 39/399
109 Dennis Eckersley RSR 114/399
110 Don Mattingly RSR 310/399

Platinum Parallels (1:7)
128 Tony Gwynn 1/25

In a way, this set make me think of a value version of Legendary Cuts. Lots of HOFers, retired stars, and even Negro League players.

As for the collation, I’m impressed. I haven’t opened a single box that produced not just one whole base set, but two. As I was ripping packs, I was admittedly frustrated that the last few packs produced so many doubles. And as started sorting, it became quickly clear why that was — two whole base sets were produced. I’ll be honest — though a second complete base set is cool, I’d rather have the rest of the SPs, or more of the inserts/hits.

Nonetheless, SPs or not, this is what I wish Topps and UD would get back to. A box FULL of cards (224 of them, to be exact) making it easy to hand collate a base set. Not to mention the SPs are actually worth chasing after, and not ridiculously seeded (1:4).  No more relentlessly and pointlessly short-printing cards of 4A washouts and scrubs!

Once again, given the economy, it’s nice to get a box with this much value. 13 hits including two GU and one AU is great considering how stingy the companies are these days. The GU/AU fell in exactly the same seeding as advertised. From the looks of it, I should’ve received one more insert, but I won’t complain. Just look at the parallels I ended up with. I should’ve had four, but ended up with six. I can’t stand parallels, so those are going straight to the trade box. Still, it doesn’t hurt to add that many HOFers and numbered cards to my trade box!

Given the price I paid for this box relative to other boxes I’ve bought, it’s insane how much more came from this one. One would think that the boxes would be more value-filled today, but that sadly isn’t the case. I can only hope that Topps and UD go back to this sort of game plan.