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A little late, but just a quick shout-out to a couple of very generous bloggers out there.

First off, from Night Owl Cards


Greg the Night Owl sent me a trio of 06 Updates that’ll get me that much closer to finishing my set. I need just a handful more, which is more than I had realized prior to checking on it. He also sent me a few random Dodgers, after I’d sent him a few random Raul Mondesi cards. Beltre, Nomo, and Kemp go in the Dodger binder, and the rest go into the giant box of Dodger fun. Thanks Greg!


These cards I won as the consolation prize from the group break over at Old School Breaks. My pre-selected teams bore no fruit, so I was the lucky winner of this box, which was the boxloader from one of the boxes he broke.


It kinda makes me chuckle to think of surly old Kevin Brown in front of glittery star. Silly as it may be, that card’s going into the Dodger binder. And speaking of Dodgers, here’s nine more from the woulda, shoulda, coulda been Dodgers file.


Yes, even Sandy Alomar Jr. was once a Dodger. Juan Marichal was also in this set, but I can’t stomach the fact that he ever wore a Dodger uniform.

This quad GU was also inclded in the box.


Given the news of the last week, it’s kind of well, I don’t know. ARod and Robbie Alomar on here, and the headlines weren’t friendly to them last week.

Thanks again Night Owl and Old School Breaks!


I empathize with Braves GM Frank Wren, but ultimately, I feel he’s being childish. I don’t for a second believe that the Braves are going to follow through and ignore every single Wasserman client (which includes current Brave Peter Moylan, among others) from here on out. It’s just bravado; saving face in the wake of being publicly humiliated by Rafael Furcal and his agents. It’s the same sort of bravado Dodger GM Ned Colletti displayed when J.D. Drew and Scott Boras caught Colletti with his pants down. He too claimed he would “never deal with” Boras again. Yet, there’s a contract offer floating around from the Dodgers to Boras client Manny Ramirez.

Again, I won’t deny their anger, but really, business is business. Until Furcal’s signature appeared on the bottom of a contract, nothing was, well, nothing. It may be in bad faith, it may even be unethical, but it certainly wasn’t illegal for (Furcal agent) Paul Kinzer to ask for a term sheet (apparently recognized as the step immediately prior to finalization of a deal) and then use it as leverage to get a better deal from the Dodgers.

In fact, for once, it shows due diligence on the part of Dodger GM Ned Colletti. The agent claims theres “another offer?” Well, let’s SEE that other offer!

I remember the fiasco that was Kevin Brown’s signing — with Scott Boras ultimately getting the Dodgers to bid against themselves, since the “other offers” Boras spoke about were non-existent. In fact, what’s going on the Mark Teixiera fun-for-all is probably the exact same thing — Boras is probably trying to get the Angels, Nationals, et. al., to all bid against themselves — prompting a flat-out denial on the part of Red Sox owner John Henry.

We often forget that sports, for as much as our hearts are in invested in it, is and always will be a business first. The athletes, the clubs, everyone is in it to get theirs. So when Rafael Furcal is doing his best to get his, really, we can’t be surprised.

When Elton Brand did his best to get his, I wasn’t surprised — although I do take a little  bit of snide satisfaction that his defection to a “title contender” hasn’t exactly panned out.

Blame the agents if you must, blame the players, but don’t blame the game. Mainly because the game is always and always will be business, never personal.

Just received my end of a trade with Ryan Cracknell of Trader Crack’s Card Blog, facilitated through one of my favorite sites, The Bench.

I picked up an 02 Fleer eX Game Essentials Kevin Brown GU jersey. I’d been trying to find a decent Brown GU with him in a Dodger uni for some time, and this fits the bill.

The remaining cards were 04 Topps Cracker Jack mini stickers.

121 M. Mora, 129  V. Padilla, 148 M.  Buehrle, 151 K.  Millar, 170 C. Blake, 171 J. Gerut, 180 B. Jenks, 183 S. Hill, 188 N. Cotts, 190 R. Reyes, 191 E. Duncan, 193 K. Greene (SP), 194 B. Crosby, 202 P. Ansman, 203 T. Blackley, 205 R. Choy Foo, 210 R. Guillen (SP), 219 J. Conine, 225 AJ Burnett

I sent away these cards:

2004 Topps Cracker Jack 140B Curt Schilling Sox SP
2008 Upper Deck 173 Chris Ray
2006 Topps Update 62 Cory Sullivan
2006 Topps 52 30 Russell Martin
2006 Topps 52 Dynamic Duos DD13 A.Ethier/R.Martin
2007 Topps Heritage 52a Jason Bay
2007 Topps Heritage 111 Jeff Francis
2008 Topps Heritage 199 Russell Martin
2008 Topps Heritage 277 Mark Teahen
2008 Topps 190 Russell Martin
2006 Topps 487 Rich Harden
2006 Topps Update 15 Corey Koskie
2005 Playoff Prestige 169 Jeff Francis
2004 Upper Deck Vintage 33 Larry Walker

Thanks Ryan!